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Stress will have an effect on all these areas, causing conscious and unconscious tensions which will inhibit physical and emotional relaxation. A certain amount of stress is a natural part of life and is essential to keep you alert, motivated, and able to respond to stimuli. Certain emotions such as anger, fear, excitement, and anxiety activate your responses, sending signals to the brain so that hormones such as adrenaline and cortical are released into the blood, increasing your heart rate, metabolism, and blood pressure and generally empowering you to respond physically to a stressful situation.

One of the best ways of discharging stress and staying happy and healthy is by enjoying a good relaxing massage - a fact that has been endorsed not only over recent years but, according to ancient manuscripts, was strongly advocated thousands of years ago by Chinese scholars and physicians.

Shiatsu & Aromatherapy Rates
30 Minutes: $40
45 Minutes: $60
1 Hour: $80
* Each additional 15 minutes is $20
VIP Jacuzzi Room
1 Hour: $100
* Each additional 15 minutes is $20

We offer multiple styles of massage, from shiatsu, to aromatherapy, duo massage, deep tissue, foot massage, and more. What ever your need for relaxation we have a cure. To learn more about each massage click one of the links below.

Aromatherapy & Shiatsu
Foot Massage
Duo Massage
Couples Massage

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